Foresters 29 Driffield 2’s 20

The top two teams in the league met at the Avenue in what proved to be a high class and competitive game.  Some last minute logistics had to be put in place and thanks are due to our referee Mr Whitehead.  A strong Greens side, particularly in the backs, had been assembled to take on our adversaries from east of us.  Driffield took the early lead, but we were soon over the line thanks to Ryan Carlson, playing his first match back after his stay in South Africa.  Tom Mann converted.  Taking their best attacking game to our opponents, it wasn’t long before Ryan Hodgson scored, but the conversion attempt slipped by.  Driffield scored the next two tries, but they were not converted either.  The score was now 12-15.  A well taken scrum half try by Kaup-Samuels came next and it was well converted by Mann.  This meant that the Foresters led 19-15 at half time.

At the start of the second half there was a stalemate with most of the play being confined to mid field.  Driffield were the first to break away to score again and then possession and territory were exchanged in true “to me, to you” style.  The deadlock was broken when winger Speight broke away to score with Mann converting again.  To conclude our scoring Tom Mann kicked a penalty.  This was a great contest between the top two teams in the league.  Many skills were on display from both sides.  These, in the case of Wharfedale, were exhibited by established players and the new club members alike.

Our team:  R Hodgson, T Darwin, J Moore (captain), O Cicognini, M Farnworth, T Mann, O K-Samuels,  T Whitehead, M Spiers, J Huck, M Mountain, J Kitchen, Z Hayes, O Bullock, R Carlson.

Bench:  M Bell, B Speight, A Rhodes, L Craven, O Hall, T Beresford (making his debut).

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