Wharfedale Foresters 12 Old Rishworthians 38

(Thank you to Fred Bullough for kindly providing this!)

To the solid band of Foresters supporters, do not be alarmed. The final score does not truly represent what you have come to expect from the Foresters normal squad of players. The Club itself were very short of players for the two matches that took part on the 6th of August and consequently it was very difficult to field two teams against the Old Rishworthians and later the first team against Macclesfield. Therefore, to even consider playing both games, several players turned out for both of the Wharfedale sides. Yes, there were replacements but not the ones who usually figure in the Senior teams and it would have been impossible to allow some of these replacements , due to inexperience, to play in the first team game.

Consequently, the game was in two parts. In the first section of the first half the Greens were playing good quality rugby, defending well and moving the ball along the line and it wasn`t long before full back Harry Bullough burst through and scored Wharfedale’ first try. This duly converted by Beau Verity and at this point the Foresters were sharp and decisive. Unfortunately, not long after, a mistake by the Greens gave the opposition the chance to retaliate which they did scoring a good, well converted try and making the score 7-7. These were two evenly matched sides and undoubtedly without the changes which had to come, this had the makings of a cracking game of rugby. Still very much in attacking mode, in the second half,. the Foresters made a decisive cross field attacking move giving Josh Prell a fine try in the corner, not converted but a lead of 12-7.

The play was ding dong throughout this period and could only be faulted for some of the “ early season” mistakes , which are expected,  the home team made.  The Old Rishworthians had one or two speed merchants in their squad and used them to good effect resulting in a very good try in the corner and the teams turned round at 12-12. Shortly after was when changes had to be made and all the lads who later  duly played in the 1st team game, were rested . This was approximately two thirds way through the match and strive as hard as they could, which they did, the replacements found it  difficult to compete at this level, which is understandable.

The Old Rishworthians were now just too strong for the team left facing them and scored quite readily throughout the remainder of the game, with a final score of 12-36. The spirit seemed to leave the Greens for a period but can`t be faulted for trying 100%. It was so pleasing later on to see that the lads who later played for the first team, all played really well and contributed in no uncertain way to a fine victory there. Be not afraid the Foresters will enter the fray,  once everyone returns from, holidays, weddings etc, in their usual cavalier fashion, much to our delight. All in all a very good day out and we all went home not disappointed.

Team :- Hirst, Marsden, Altham (G),Burton, Laycock, Smith, Fawcett, Thompson, Bell, Verity, Prell, Darwin, Coulton, McFarland, Bullough.  Replacements;- Heyes, Mathews, Swainson, Marsden, McGuinn, Clamp.

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