The Friday Gang

The Friday Gang is a group of volunteers who, over a number of years, have helped the head groundsman with the maintenance of the pitches and grounds at both the Avenue and at Wood Lane. Their duties, which as their name implies, are normally carried out on Fridays, include the mowing of the various pitches and the mowing and strimming of the surrounding grassed areas, the marking out of the pitches, and generally keeping the external areas clean and tidy.

The composition of the Friday Gang has changed over the years but those currently involved are David Abbott, Adrian Parry, David Phillips, Len Tiffany and Peter Woodhead.

The Friday Gang – from L to R – Len Tiffany, Peter Woodhead, David Phillips and Adrian Parry (David Abbott is not shown)

Due to holidays etc we will be short of at least one volunteer until towards the end of January so if anyone else is willing to help out on Friday mornings for 1 1/2 to 2 hours until then, please contact Adrian Parry by e-mail at

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