New Scoreboard

Supporters and visitors to the ground over the last few weeks cannot have failed to notice our shiny new electronic scoreboard, which has been generously funded by Brigantes Walking Holidays, run by Annette Hirst, mother of first team prop Jack. Annette tells us that she is usually pretty good at knowing the score but is never sure how long there is to go – so the pressure is on our new board operators, Sam Stockdale and Jim Mason, to keep on top of the timing. We are very grateful to Annette for her generosity and would have publicised this earlier but for the fact that we were waiting for a winning score….. We must also recognise the contribution that Nigel Daggett of Hartlington Fencing has made in resolving some power issues with the suppliers, making the frame and commissioning the board in good working order.

The new board has allowed Chris Baker to finally step back from his “tin man” duties on the old board, with his last game on the tins being the home victory over Otley on 7 September – which marked the 70th (yes, seventieth!) anniversary of Chris’s first game for Wharfedale back in September 1949. Chris’s record of service to the club is truly humbling – not to mention his similarly long service to the Fell Rescue and St Michael’s Church – and we are all extremely grateful for his contributions over the years.

For more information on how Brigantes can help plan and support your next walking holiday, please have a look at and please do spread the word among your friends and visitors.

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