Minis/Juniors Membership



The process of registration of players is now known as affiliation and the RFU require parents/guardians to deal with it themselves via GMS. If at a later date, any of your or your child’s/children’s details change please ensure that you update the relevant record(s) within GMS.

NB All age grade players that were previously registered with the club were de-registered by the RFU on 4 August. As a result, they must all be affiliated before they will be entitled to play in any competitive matches.

Details of the re-affiliation process (i.e. for those age grade players who have previously been registered with this club) are at:

Details of the affiliation process for new players are at:

To access your GMS account go to:

You will need to input your username which is shown near the foot of the e-mails sent to parents/guardians on 7 August. You will then need to either input your password if you know it or click on Forgot password if you do not know it in which case you should receive a message from the RFU which will help you gain access.

If you are unable to log in at all or have any other problem with the affiliation process please contact me by e-mail at and I will do what I can to assist you.

Once logged in, please ensure that you verify your e-mail address (if you have not already done so), and check/update the details of both yourself and your child/children before affiliating your child/children.

Would you please provide a head and shoulders photograph of your child if he/she is new to the club or is in the U10s, u13s or U16s. Please either e-mail the photograph to me in jpeg format or attach it with the child’s name written on the reverse to the membership application form.

NB Please do NOT attempt to purchase membership via GMS since we as a club have a totally separate system for membership.


Once you have completed the affiliation of your child/children, please complete the attached application for membership form (click here to download) and return it along with the necessary subscription (either in the form of cash or cheque) to either me, Hedley Verity, or your child’s coach a.s.a.p.

As in previous seasons I will be available in the club house for the receipt of membership forms etc and for providing assistance with affiliation on the first three Sundays in September. If you do require assistance on these dates, please ensure that you have your laptop or a similar device with you.

(3)    GENERAL

If at a later date, any of your or your child’s/children’s details change please ensure that you update the relevant record(s) within GMS.

Please let me know if your child/children will not be playing for the club in the forthcoming season.

Adrian Parry, Age Grade Registrar, Wharfedale RUFC.

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