Mini Workforce Day Part II – Can you help?

We held a mini workforce day on 1 August during which we were able to make a start on the various tasks that were required. Due to the need to restrict the number of volunteers a good number of tasks were not started/completed. We will therefore be holding 2nd mini Workforce Day at the club on Saturday 22 August for about three hours starting at 09.00 am.

All work to be carried out will be outside of the building and will involve a variety of tasks including the cleaning and repainting of the lower parts of the floodlights and goal posts, repainting of the trip hazards as well as the tidying up of the hard surface areas etc.

Since the clubhouse will not be open we suggest that all volunteers bring some form of liquid refreshment with them.

If you are available to help, please contact Adrian Parry by e-mail at by mid-day on Thursday 20 August at the latest since we will need to manage the numbers involved in order to comply with the Covid 19 requirements. A response will be sent to all such e-mails.


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