Meet the Green Machine – Nigel Jowett

Guest number 6 on Meet the Green Machine is Nigel Jowett, chairman of one of our long-standing main sponsors, In-Site Property Solutions Limited. In-Site are based at Bowcliffe Hall, Bramham and own/manage a wide portfolio of industrial and commercial properties across the north of England and central Scotland. Nigel, or “Roo” as he is known to many, has supported the club for longer than he cares to think and has always been particularly supportive of the club ethos that develops local talent and provides opportunity for players of all abilities to enjoy a run-out. We are particularly grateful to Roo for his commitment to the club and the generous sponsorship from his company.

1.       How long have you been involved with the club?

Must be 40 years or so – one game with Mick Greenwood across the river and I was hooked.

2.       What’s the day job?

I’m chairman of the club’s joint main sponsors In-site Property Solutions. We own a portfolio of industrial estates across the north of England and central Scotland – but I’m still out felling trees when I get the chance, although I’m only a fair weather forester now.

3.       Who’s at home?

Just me and my son Archie, aged 11, who is an aspiring professional golfer. He qualified for the world junior championships in Las Vegas in 2020 – but they were cancelled due to Covid-19.

4.       What is your earliest rugby memory?

I remember watching Rugby Special with Nigel Starmer-Smith when I was about 10 and thinking tackling wouldn’t kill me…..

5.       What is your favourite Wharfedale memory?

The under 18’s win in the National Colts Cup at Sixways was “as good as it gets”. They are the future, the opposition couldn’t believe it.

6.       What is your favourite away ground?

Can’t beat a good local derby, so I’ll go for Otley.

7.       Three things that you like

Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption was a rock hound – I’m a tree hound; quality time with friends; sun on my back.

8.       And three things that you can’t stand…

Dog you know what; ignorant drivers; and rugby scrum laws.

9.       Which three people would you most like to have round for dinner?

Simon Weston – a man as brave and courageous as they come.   Henry Cooper – I’ve never met a more generous genuine man, fought Ali for the world heavy weight crown weighing just 13st 4lb – incredible. I guess Nelson Mandela will be busy going to everyone else’s for dinner?

10.   Three statements about yourself – two true and one a lie….

a. I went alligator hunting with the rednecks off Swamp People – and lived to tell the tale.

b. I won a silver medal in the national barefoot water-skiing championships.

c. I once clipped 180 sheep in a day – and still can’t stand up straight.

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