Meet the Green Machine – Leonard Tiffany!

Meet the Green Machine brings you a very special Bank Holiday bonanza edition! Our Easter bunny is the inimitable Leonard Tiffany – obviously known to most as Len. Len is arguably the best-loved of all our elder statesmen, having contributed so much to the development of so many players through the Colts, played a major role in the success of 5 tours and still doing a remarkable job on the grounds, in the car park and at the bar. Involved with the club for over 60 years, Len’s contribution to Wharfedale is immeasurable and we are proud to have him as one of our own. Enjoy!

  • How long have you been involved with the Club?

Back in the mists of time, 1958/9 season. Persuaded by Barry Houghton (Grandpa of Danny Hartley, Gavin Parker and Dan Stockdale) to accompany them in Hartley’s old “rust bucket” of a car his Dad had bought him. They let me have the front seat and the reason became obvious in Rylstone as heavy rain had created a deep dub of water which sprayed through several holes and drenched me, much to the amusement of so-called mates, but we got our 1st game for Wharfedale!

  • What’s the day job?

Nearly retired, but spent most of my life making other people money. 10 years with Phil Turners Civil Engineering Company (Phil was a prolific try scoring winger for Wharfedale). I then defected to my brother Roger’s firm for 40 years and helped substantially increase his turnover!

  • Who’s at home?

Liz, bride of 58 years (long suffering). She’s just peeked over my shoulder and suggested (or demanded) that appendage.

  • What is your earliest rugby memory?

Rugby training set 6 at Sandylands and trying to tackle Buster Hamilton who even at 12 years old was a giant. I was praised by Wally Evans (Christine’s dad and subsequent father-in-law of Clarty) who said: “Took some doing, Tiffany but you eventually got there”! Probably one of the few tackles I ever made!!

  • What is your favourite Wharfedale memory?

There are shedloads of them but it has to be being asked by Jimmy Harrison under whose stewardship mini rugby at Wharfedale first started to take about 20 eager young minis for a training session next to Tom Slater’s house, and the rest is history.

  • What is your favourite away ground?

Must be Ilkley, where I scored one of my few 1st team tries. I took a pass from Mick Throup and was told in no uncertain terms to get over the line. He was quite quite a blunt character Gordon and Mark’s dad!

  • Three things that you like
    • Watching Wharfedale 1st beat Worcester at Sixways;
    • Being on tour with Wharfedale Colts and beating Lydney in the Forest of Dean; and
    • closing the door on spotless changing rooms after enjoying Hedley’s and Hessie’s two tries against Phil Davies’ Leeds.
  • Three things you can’t stand
    • Landlords calling time;
    • Fine Dining: and
    • Opposition linesmen who deem you are in touch after scoring winning try
  • Which 3 people would you most like to have round for dinner?

Dolly Parton, Tina Turner and Katherine Jenkins

  • Three statements about yourself – two true and one a lie….

I enjoy most aspects of rugby with the lads at Wharfedale. But one in particular is touring. I’ve been lucky to return virtually unscathed from five major tours. Sinking that first pint of Guinness at airport bars is particularly satisfying.

  1. Sitting behind Hedley Verity and Dan Harrison being transported by a baggage carousel into its hidden depths and returning
  2. Jumping into the Potomac River off a 30-foot cliff was quite unnerving
  3. I’ve been shirt monitor for quite some time, and only lost them once! I washed them in the hotel showers and dried them on the hotel roof. There were no shirts in sight on our return from the Smithsonian Institute! But with the influence of our esteemed President Spenner we reclaimed them from the security detail at the adjoining condominium whose roof we had inadvertently used!

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