Meet the Green Machine – Dan Stockdale

Second in our series of profiles of key members of the Green Machine is hooker Dan Stockdale – believed to be the first 4th generation Wharfedale player and in contention with Jimmy Bullough to be the father of the first 5th generation Green.

  1. How long have you been involved with the club?

Until this season – where I am ready and waiting – I had played in the green shirt of Wharfedale every year for 24 years.

  1. What’s the day job?

Sheep and beef farmer on the family farm in Burnsall.

  1. Who’s at home?

Wife Julie and two boys – Eddy (aged 2) and Ben (14 weeks).

  1. What is your earliest rugby memory?

Dad took me to Wharfedale aged 6 to watch the U7s train. I remember thinking it looked fun and the rest is history!

  1. What is your favourite Wharfedale memory?

Struggling to pick just one! There are loads: shoving Fylde back over their own line to draw a match at the Avenue, the injury time winner at Tynedale to stay up, winning at Hartpury in their first match in National 1 (and the bus trip afterwards!) – and two cracking tours, to West Cork and Isle of Man. But there is nothing to match the roar at the Avenue for a breakaway try or going through the tunnel after winning a hard-fought game. That sound will stay with me for ever!

  1. What is your favourite away ground?

No question – North Ribblesdale! Fierce enemies on the pitch, a one-eyed crowd to rival the Avenue, excellent food and many, many beers with friends afterwards. You simply cannot beat the Boxing Day fixture at Ribb.

  1. Three things that you like

Sheep, rugby and shooting

  1. And three things that you can’t stand…

Vegans who think their diet is better for the environment than British produced meat; Chris Packham – who hasn’t got a clue (apologies – Dan’s original wording was quite colourful and has been edited to protect the club); and cold showers after a game – there is nothing worse!

  1. Which three people would you most like to have round for dinner?

Tommy Banks to do the cooking – went to his restaurant last year and the food was unbelievable; Pete Tong to provide the music – and I’ll save a seat next to me for Mila Kunis!

  1. Three statements about yourself – two true and one a lie….

a. I have won an all-Ireland Gaelic football medal.
b. I once scored 20 in an 18-hole round of pub golf.
c. I have been National Young Farmers’ Champion at fencing, 7-a-side rugby and public speaking.

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