Important Club Membership Update

Dear Member,

As we approach the new season preparations are moving forward, player training has started, new team members are signing up and work is commencing on a very major project to install a new boiler for the clubhouse and most importantly provide hot water for the teams!

Due to this very uncharted period we have a huge task to be ready for the new rugby season as the actual start date is fluid. The RFU have given an indication of the shape of the new season based on three starting windows, namely September, October/November or January start. A fixtures list for the first half of the season has been issued based on a September start with possible season extensions for later starts or maybe a reduced number of matches.

We realise that these are very difficult and extraordinary times but would ask you to bear with us and continue to pay your membership fees on schedule which will remain as last season. Most of you are on direct debits and your subs will be collected automatically, if you have any difficulty with your membership level then please contact us and we will try to assist you, please DO NOT CANCEL YOUR DIRECT DEBIT! We can be contacted via

If there is a very late start to the season then the number of matches may be reduced. In this event we would again ask you to stand by your current annual subs as we still have a club to run even without income from matches; we also have the major expenditure on the new boiler (£100,000 approx), half of which will be financed out of our reserves and half by a commercial loan.

Please see the website for the latest news on players and information regarding the new season.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that after 12 years as Subscriptions Secretary I am retiring for family reasons and will be moving away from the area. I have really enjoyed supporting the club and will be sad to go! Stuart Willis has volunteered to take over from me and I will support him for the start of this season. Although not the most experienced in the details of rugby (the only time he played rugby was over 30 years ago when a pupil at Selby High School!), he is a keen supporter and for the last two seasons has been the manager of the junior girls’ teams. He has worked with Hedley Verity to get the girls’ teams started by organising fixtures, fundraising and sorting out kit for the girls. He lives in Embsay and works locally at Upper Wharfedale School at the end of Wharfedale Avenue as a Learning Support Assistant.

Best Regards

Stephen Brake (Retiring) Stuart Willis (Incoming)

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