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George Hedgley Captain 2023-2024

Captain Marvel

It has been my personal privilege to be a player, supporter, and sponsor of Wharfedale Rugby Club for the past 35 years. I have witnessed much change in that time, but I believe the heart of the club I joined all those years ago, still remains the same. I will always remember that damp winter evening when I arrived for my first training session. Former club captain John Canny, father of Grace, Oscar and Dylan, offered his hand of welcome. I never looked back and my life is richer because of that moment. JC is married to Sally, who’s family is long steeped in the legacy of the club. Not a day goes by when I am not extremely grateful to John and the thousands of wonderful, inspirational people, I have met over the years. It would take a far greater writer than I to describe just what is so special about Wharfedale, but truly special it is. It’s important on occasions to remind ourselves of that, never take it for granted and think “what is it that I can do for my club” That “Special” something is embodied no more so than by George Hedgley, the man I first met as a boy, over 10 years ago. It was during his debut for Giggleswick School 1st XV, against Austin Friars from memory. At the time George already had representative honours for Scotland U18, had just been enrolled in the sixth form, and was expected to make a significant impact, both on and off the field. He certainly made one that day! Within the first few minutes the new recruit was in agony, having broken his arm. I remember admiring how “quietly” brave he was, despite the obvious pain, but also wondering whether he might be put off playing the game in the future. I needn’t have worried. Once broken bone was healed, he went on to have 2 terrific years for the school and also joined Wharfedale as junior colt. That talented squad should probably have achieved more honours and had a number go on to represent the club at 1st team level, including Taylor Prell, Ralph Wellock, and my son Callum. George made his debut for the Greens when just 18 and has played every season since, being appointed Captain of the club two years ago. It would be remiss of me not to mention a career that has included the occasional yellow card, we will put those down to his passion for the game, but there has never been any doubt on his abilities as a player and leader. The team without him in it is undoubtedly less formidable. He gives 100% every time he wears the green shirt and George is one of the key players, works incredibly hard, often unnoticed, for the entire game. These days everything is monitored using technology and I’ve no doubt his work rate will be phenomenal and second to none. It’s been my pleasure and privilege to also get to know the man off the field too. He’s great company and a pleasure to be with. He also implicitly understands the history and heritage of the club, what makes it “Special”. His strong personality and presence exude a quiet under stated confidence. You would want to count George as your friend and I’m proud to count him and his family as friends. His abilities on the pitch are undoubted, confirmed by his fellow players and certainly by his opponents, who will all know they are in for a fierce contest when the game begins. I am delighted for him, and indeed the club, that he has agreed to stand as club captain for a third term. I wish him and all the playing squad a successful season. Roll on the next 35 years. COME ON THE GREENS!

Tim Lockett Forever Green

As well as this George himself has written the following “I am really pleased to be named captain again for the forthcoming season. We’ve got a side with some incredible young talent coming through, hopefully we can utilise that with some of our more experienced heads to produce top quality performances throughout the season”

And Simon DOR has written: “George Hedgley has taken up the mantle of captaincy at Wharfedale Rugby Club with an air of leadership and determination and will continue to do so this season. Hedgley’s appointment as captain comes as no surprise to those familiar with his exceptional skills and unwavering commitment. As the club looks to forge ahead in its endeavors, Hedgley’s experience and inspirational presence are sure to guide the team to new heights. His dedication to the club make him a natural fit to lead Wharfedale Rugby Club into a promising era of success.“

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