North Ribblesdale 10 – 22 Rams

Wharfedale travelled up to Settle for the usual keenly, hard fought contest which is always guaranteed between the two closely matched sides. Both teams played fifteen man rugby with probing attacks being cancelled out by strong defences. It took about 25 minutes of the game before Wharfedale opened the scoring with a try just. North Ribb countered with a try of their own just before half-time making the score 5-5 at the changeover with everything to play for.

Wharfedale now playing down the slight slope, were caught napping from the kick off and let Ribb cross for their second try. Grit and determination now took over as Wharfedale upped their game and dominated as Ribb lost their front row and went to uncontested scrums. Wharfedale scored 2 converted tries and 1 penalty to seal the game.

Wharfedale scorers: Ed Keighley (T), Mark Tywang (T), Charles Kitching T, 2C, P).

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