Final League Positions Confirmed

On Friday 3 April the RFU issued confirmation of the final league positions for 2019/20 season based on a “best playing record formula” designed to ensure “fair and balanced outcomes for the game”. The methodology takes an average of points gained for all home and away fixtures completed and applies this to the remaining games that will not get played; this is then added to points already secured in order to reach a final total for the season. With no play-offs possible but a desire to retain 3 up/3 down, the play-off side with the better points record has been promoted. The result of the RFU’s decisions impacting Wharfedale is that:

National 1: Rotherham and Hull Ionians relegated to National 2 North
National 2 North: Caldy promoted to National 1; Otley, Preston Grasshoppers and Scunthorpe relegated to Level 5 (North or Midlands Premier)
North Premier: Blaydon and Harrogate promoted to National 2 North
Midlands Premier: Bournville promoted to National 2 North

The exact composition of National 2 North for 2020/21 is still subject to decisions on level transfer.

Full links to final league tables all the way down (including Ilkley’s relegation from North Premier and Keighley’s relegation from Yorkshire 1) can be accessed by clicking here.

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