Do you give a Ruck?

As part of our continuing commitment to support the well-being of our young people at a time of so much uncertainty around work, study and social interaction, we have teamed up with Give A Ruck, a non-profit organisation ( focused on mental health support for rugby, where former player Mark Tampin (now Newcastle Falcons) is a lead ambassador.

For those facing challenges in their personal lives, rugby can provide a structure, a focus and a degree of camaraderie and peer support – a very positive counter-balance to otherwise difficult circumstances. This is particularly the case as we return to rugby activity after a year of so much disruption. Senior squad member Matt Beesley will be our club ambassador for mental health with support from Rachel Galley – but we are looking for a couple of people outside the medical group to volunteer as Mental Health First Aiders (training provided!) to support Matt by developing awareness and being available to provide guidance. Support is needed at both senior squad level and with our age-group members – particularly those in the 15-18 age group whose exams have been disrupted and who may face challenges heading into higher education or an uncertain employment market.

If you have relevant skills or interest in this area and would like to help, please get in touch with Matt Beesley ( or 07989 113303).

Managed by a ThriveWP care plan. ❤️