Contract Extensions

The Club is delighted to announce the re-signing of Ryan Hodgson, Omari Kaup-Samuel’s and Jimmy Meehan, all M&Js products!  
Head Coach @verbicks15 gives us his thoughts below: –
“I’m thrilled at the re-signing of former mini and junior players Ryan, Jimmy and Omari for Wharfedale. It signifies a commitment to nurturing and retaining homegrown talent at the club.  
Ryan’s re-signing keeps a player with a strong foundation in the club’s values and style of play. Jimmy’s re-signing demonstrates the club’s recognition of his talent and desire to continue his development within the squad. Similarly, Omari’s re-signing, as well as them all, highlights the club’s investment in its youth and the belief in his ability to contribute to the team’s success now and in the future.  
Keeping these players at Wharfedale not only ensures continuity within the squad but also fosters a sense of pride and identity within the club, as supporters see familiar faces representing the Green Machine week in and week out who have transitioned from mini and juniors into the senior ranks.” 

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