Cancellation of 2020/21 League Season

On Friday the RFU announced the cancellation of the 2020/21 league season at all levels below the Championship. Whilst disappointing for the game as a whole, this decision is not unexpected given rising Covid-19 infection levels and the difficulties posed by a shortened season.

The NCA (representing the 48 clubs in the National Leagues) had already taken soundings from clubs and concluded that a half season of 15 matches (based on a possible January start) would not be a fair basis for determining league promotion and relegation and has been investigating alternative competition formats for a shortened season. The full RFU announcement is at

The announcement also makes reference to potential adaptations to the game in order to permit some form of contact rugby to return. It is obviously too early to say what these adaptations might be but the changes adopted for the Allianz Premier 15s in the women’s game may give some indication of what might be under consideration. See

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