Best Wishes to Stephen and Heather Brake

News reaches Green Machine HQ that Stephen and Heather Brake are happily settled in their new home on the Fife coast.

Stephen stood down from the committee at the end of last season in preparation for the move north and will be a big loss to the club. As membership secretary for the past 12 years, Stephen oversaw the introduction of the Cavalry Club as a new category of membership to compensate for the loss of RFU funding; he edited the annual club handbook; he led the drive to get subscriptions onto direct debit and was the driving force behind the club’s support of the RFU Grand Draw which generated around £5,000 pa for the club. In addition to his membership role, Stephen was also a tireless organiser of members’ dinners and club raffles which boosted not only our finances but also our social engagement.

Much of this work went on behind the scenes and Stephen typified the unglamorous effort that goes in to keeping our great club healthy.

We need more volunteers with his unselfish commitment and energy. Fortunately, Stuart Willis has stepped in to the membership secretary role with enthusiasm and can now be contacted for membership issues at – but there is always room for more to step in to take on some of Stephen’s other contributions.

We all wish Stephen and Heather health and happiness in their new life.

Managed by a ThriveWP care plan. ❤️