Back Pitch – Works Completed!

Ordinarily, we can’t start any of the annual maintenance work on our pitches until the season has finished – and even then, the shortage of growing time limits what we can realistically do. This year, with the extended break from rugby, we decided to take advantage of the full growing season and undertake some major works on the back pitch. Our contractors, Chappelow Sports Turf Limited of Mirfield, have completely stripped the top surface, rotovated/harrowed the soil to a depth of 8″ and levelled the ground using a laser grading process, with addition of Rootzone to lighten a couple of wetter patches. The pitch has then been completely rolled and re-seeded – so now we just have to pray for rain!! All being well, we should have a vastly improved playing surface on the back pitch in time for the new season in September.

Here are some photos of the work under way.

Managed by a ThriveWP care plan. ❤️