200 Club Meets Ladies Lunch

According to the WRUFC match programme, dated 28th January 2017, there were two important inaugurations about this time.

The first involved a certain Donald John Trump becoming 45th President of the United States of America and the other was the first Ladies Lunch to sponsor a Wharfedale home match. We leave you to decide which inauguration better stood the test of time?

In 2017, ‘Amanda’s Angels’ (as they were referred to in the programme) set the benchmark very high on their opening day, combining outright fun with serious fundraising. Once again this year, the ‘behind the scenes team’ of Gina, Ali, Rachel and Shona all worked hard to ‘put on’ this popular annual event and continue the immense success of the original format.

Prior to the lunch we managed to persuade Amanda, Helen, Claire, Emma and Polly to help with the 200 Club Draw, before they took their seats in a quiet corner, to sip their beverages of choice – a small glass of Nosecco or a sparkling water, perhaps?

See below for the 200 Club ‘summer’ winners.

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