At the end of March and the start of the ‘Lockdown’ we were concerned that Jennie may struggle to find a bunch of Wharfedale volunteers to help with the 200 Club summer draw. We need not have worried, as you can see below, not only, did some young volunteers ‘flock’ to her assistance but they also brought some random winning numbers with them. Baa-rilliant !

The next draw will be in September which is the usual start time for the 200 Club year. Sorry to keep ‘bleating on’ but with a 200 Club annual membership fee of just £18, it is a small  but steady contribution to the WRUFC finances and your chance to win a cash prize.

If we could get another 30 members ‘on board’ it would greatly help boost the funds. So if you want to join us please contact:     jenniewhiteley0@gmail.com

Month Prize Number 2020 Winners
April £40 74 Heather Keighley
  £20 5 Cath Hartley
  £10 53 Ken Gamble
May £40 34 John Stockdale
  £20 14 Stewart McFadzean
  £10 33 Gordon Jackson
June £100 88 Bill & Jo Foster
  £40 133 Stephen  Turner
  £20 56 Stuart Webster
  £10 107 Stewart Carr


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