200 Club Draw – January to March 2020

Sadly, the last home game against Stourbridge was the last home game of the season. Some of Lisa’s bar and kitchen team were on hand to help with the 200 Club Draw, little knowing that the final whistle was about to be blown on rugby for a while (see the draw results below).

You will have noticed from past website photos, that for each quarterly draw Jennie has enlisted the help of a different group of the Wharfedale faithful. Well the next draw will be in June – the ‘off season’, after an ‘off season’, with the country in a lockdown. Could be quite a challenge to find a group of helpers this time but where there is a will, there is a way and in addition to Lisa’s team, we just happen to have an exceptional group of volunteers, players, coaches, medics, sponsors and supporters, backroom grafters, ground-staff and administrators ……… so anything is possible.

Good luck, Jennie, we look forward to seeing your inventiveness in the summer. Meanwhile, very best wishes to all you Wharfedalers and your families over the testing weeks to come …. Play Safe and look out for each other.

January£40126Sue Benson
£20110Mike Buswell
£1037Julian Allen
February£40131Stuart Willia
£2086Lesley Chamberlain
£10125Steve Fowler
March£10095Chris Lancaster
£4080Becky Keighley
£2044Mary Maxfield
£1078Raymond Cryer

Managed by a ThriveWP care plan. ❤️