200 CLUB DRAW – Are you a Winner?

For this quarter’s draw, Jennie enlisted the help of the ‘Friday Gang’. A small group of dedicated volunteers who keep the pitches and surrounds in tip-top condition throughout the year. There may be no play at present but the grass keeps on growing and if it wasn’t for these chaps so would the weeds. In order to make the draw and maintain Social Distancing, David (Phillips) perched the bag of tokens on the end of a rake so that his colleagues could pick the winners from 2 metres away. From the left, Peter Woodhead (Woody’s dad)  Adrian Parry and far right, David Abbott.

Here are the WINNERS!

The next draw will be near Christmas so if anyone knows any elves who may be able to assist then please point them in our direction. Meanwhile just a reminder to 200 Clubbers that the annual membership fee of just £18 is now due.

Finally! If you want to join the only Clubbers in England who don’t have to be home by 10pm then please contact:     jenniewhiteley0@gmail.com 

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