1st XV Players Stats 2015/16

June 30th, 2017

Details of the 1st XV player’s stats for 2015/16 (league matches only) as at 30 April 2016 are as follows: –

Not Used
Allen Alistair44110005
Altham Joe1011100000
Baldwin Rob2500300015
Barnard Jack910400020
Beck Richard10000000
Beesley Matt12130200010
Bell Max00100000
Bell Will460200010
Bullough Harry153100000
Bullough Jimmy04600000
Burridge Josh2600300015
Cano Ricky1380200010
Cicognini Oliver800200010
Davidson Will11200000
Davies Lloyd11003006
Doherty James730200010
Druce James01000000
Fewtrell Oliver123010005
Graham Steve125110005
Guy Jamie2900149261184
Hedgley George2900300015
Hodgson Andy60210005
Howard Adam220200010
Howick Chris1110900045
Hudson Cameron24201200060
Labasse Maxime1700300015
Larkin Ian70010005
Mason Jim71000000
Morgan Huw2010400020
Myers Nathan04110005
Poole Jordon74010005
Powell Alex114000000
Prell Josh100000000
Preston-Routledge Dan50000000
Skelton Harry70211007
Solomi Dan240200010
Steel Chris163000000
Stockdale Dan417000000
Tai Dan1610600030
Van Sertima Matt1420200010
Wade Alistair10140200010
Wellock Ralph10100000
Whyte Tom12100000
Willet Simon151000000
Williams Jarad11010005
Woodhead Phillip1600300015
Wright Max22010005
Penalty tries---2---10
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