Wharfedale 4ths 41 – 36 Otley 4 ths

February 9th, 2015

Wharfedale made the short trip down the valley for the local derby match with old rivals and friends at Otley. Wharfedale found themselves with only 11 men, so Otley kindly lent their spare hooker Jock to make it 12 against 13 man Otley. The game was the usual hard fought contest with both sides wanting the bragging rites. Both sides scored at regular intervals throughout the game. Neither side got more than one score ahead. Wharfedale worked hard as a whole team to snuff out the one man advantage, whilst Otley tried to use their young three backs to outpace the Wharfedale defence. In the end it came down to the final frantic 10 minutes with Wharfedale taking the lead with a converted try and then stretching the lead with a penalty kick
It was a good game played in the right spirit by both sides.

Wharfedale scorers: tries Jonathan Davies 4, Liam McCartan 1, Mike McLachlan1 with Jonathan Davies adding 4 conversions and 1 penalty.

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