Result Wednesday 16 August - Bradford Salem 10 - 35 Foresters ----    Saturday 19 August - Wharfedale v Hull Ionians (A) KO 3.00pm ----

Foresters 72 Sheffield Tigers 0

June 6th, 2015
The score line, whilst decisive, illustrates Wharfedales superiority. There are areas to outline, providing informative details to this fixture.
The Tigers arrived with fourteen men and grabbed the opportunity to have Tom Baines added to their squad and later, after one of their props was injured, the home team offered up alternatively Matt Freeman and then Neil Dickinson to bolster their packs efforts. Akin to selling your favourite son! These three gave 100% to Sheffield's cause or nearly certainly the score line, impressive as it was, would have been even more to the Greens advantage.
This league has become somewhat lopsided. Whilst the Foresters have become stronger, quicker, fitter and adventurous in approach and attitude, other clubs second teams , in the main, struggle to match this. This was the case here but do not take away from the opposition their never-give-in philosophy and willingness to compete at all times with a most positive attitude and determination to give it their all. Truly a splendid manner for them to be so positive against the odds. The Tiger still has bite.
Wharfedale commenced with a front row of Dickinson, Dan Stockdale and Chris Steele, a formidable trio and in the first scrum the Sheffield pack retreated faster than Rory McIlroy, allowing Tom Wareing the first score, converted by Will Bell. Foresters backs were just quicker, passed the ball fluently and efficiently and in this first period scored some tremendously well worked tries through Bell, Tom Whyte, Josh Prell, Ben Parkinson, Jimmy Bullough and Simon Crabtree. Four of these came from fine individual breaks . Bell converted four of these making the half time score 45-0. Things were looking extremely ominous for the Tigers, with nowhere to hide in the Forest !
However, credit where it was due because after the break the opposition had their best spell of the match, playing well in both attack and defence most ably assisted by the Wharfedale triumvirate Dickinson, Freeman and Baines, playing solidly and manfully throughout.
Wharfedale's forwards once again strong, showed little sign of taking their foot off the pedal provided the prowess to allow the greens half backs Bell and Jimmy Bullough opportunity to give the threequarters rein to plunder at will. Centres Harry Bullough and Crabtree, quick and alert punched their way through the Tigers defence giving wings Parkinson and Russ Aldersley great opportunities to stretch their legs. The ever alert Will Hall, Whyte and Wareing always there to support and  Rob Burnett and Rhys Davies solid and dependable, as we have come to expect.
The welcome sight of Chris Steele provided power to the scrum in conjunction with strong running capabilities, as equally so was Stockdale. This made it so difficult for the opposition to attain  any advantage and George Altham, coming on as sub, played with good effect to make things no easier for them. During the second half excellent individual tries came from Aldersley (2) Parkinson (2) and a fine burst from Bell of which he converted one, making a final score 72-0..
The Foresters sharper and stronger also provided the know how to break down the opponents valiant defensive efforts and they march on in determined fashion. Yet again great credit to the coaches, in every department, for this teams consistent performances, a great deal of effort can be seen to have been put in at training sessions. They are undoubtedly a very good side but wouldn't it be beneficial to all concerned to have them tested in more than approximately half their games!
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